An Independent Perspective Accelerates Compliance and Time to Market

Organizations who want the highest quality, production systems, need independent validation and verification that their systems work as intended. We offer our own proven approach to independent validation and verification (IV&V) or we can integrate into our client’s processes.  Regardless of whether clients choose to use our methodology or their own, we infuse knowledge of best practices, international standards, and regulatory guidelines into all our engagements. Our methodology provides a uniform framework in which we train our consultants. As a result, our teams are well prepared to make sure our clients are successful in meeting their system objectives including complying with regulatory mandates, local quality systems, and project constraints. 

When clients engage us to perform an independent validation and verification service, they get top-notch results that meet their needs. For example, in the Life Sciences arena, to comply with regulatory standards, organizations much produce documented evidence that the systems do what they are intended to do. Our services help our clients meet their quality objectives, whether they are government enforced or required by the business operations.

For clients that want to use our approach, we offer a 5-Step Methodology for independent verification and validation. Our technique helps ensure that projects are implemented correctly, completely, on-schedule, and within budget. When we manage the engagement, we take full responsibility for seeing that the appropriate documentation is produced for each of the validation stages, that the documents meet quality objectives, and that the documents are consistent with our client’s Quality System. Our total approach provides the needed documentation to give our clients the confidence that their objectives are being met completely.

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The STS Consulting IV&V Methodology