Oversee project quality through independent verification and validation

Client Business Need: Oversee project quality through independent verification and validation

Expertise leveraged: Independent verification and validation process and expertise, system testing (static, and dynamic, manual and automated), project management, industry knowledge, project oversight.)

STS Solution Credentials: We know how to give our clients the confidence that their systems will work the first time they are put into production. We have a strong heritage in testing and independent verification and validation in the four markets we serve. We believe quality should be designed in, not built in. We understand how to work with clients to make sure their system requirements are met and that unexpected issues do not arise when systems are deployed. Our proven testing and quality assurance approach considers the many ways our clients use their systems. This rigorous approach ensures we will find issues early in the system lifecycle, maximizing the benefits and overall productivity of the IT environment. We have worked with a diverse set of clients that has allowed us to hone and refine our 5-step Methodology for independent verification and validation. In addition to our own methodology, we can easily integrate into our client’s environment and use their testing and quality assurance systems as well. Our deep knowledge and proven credentials puts us in the best position to uncover problems before they become a problem. Throughout an engagement we collaborate with clients to ensure systems comply with objectives and offer an unbiased perspective on how to reduce risks and costs.