Program and Project Management Services

Our project management consultants have the broad project leadership experience to successfully implement the strategic initiatives of our clients. Whether it is a specific business area–such as clinical trials management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or regulatory compliance –or a specific technology tool or system–such as EDC, SAP, or LIMS–our project leaders have the background and the interpersonal skills that are essential to achieving the project goals of our clients.

Our project leaders have the credentials and training, including PMP and other widely-accepted project methodologies and certifications. They bring structure to the process of establishing work effort estimates, project plans, and controls so that the right plan is developed and executed to achieve the best possible result. Our team leads also have the know-how to implement an effective project governance structure that encourages stakeholder participation and accountability and a communications plan that clarifies organizational goals and changes to the individual.

Our consultant leads are supported by our experienced principals who provide the appropriate level of coaching and oversight to make every client engagement a success.