Reduce cost of system testing while improving quality of software to users

Client Business Need: Reduce cost of system testing while improving quality of software to users

Expertise leveraged: Unique approach and talent for driving certain types of software process improvement through System Testing leadership

STS Solution Credentials: Managers of IT organizations with a distinct System Test Team turn to us to launch fundamental improvements in their operation. Our approach is designed to improve the quality of the software that developers deliver to system test. This results in significant project productivity improvements and maintenance cost reductions. For example, a 10% improvement in developer testing can result in as much as a 40% reduction in the number of important problems reaching users. Productivity increases in system test interval that result from our approach can stem the growth of system test teams, reduce the length of the system test interval, and allow system test teams to take on testing of additional software releases without adding new team members. Higher quality software to users has yielded lower maintenance costs for fixing software problems in the field, less software related business disruption to users, to their customers, and to their supply chain partners; and this yields increased user satisfaction with the software being delivered. The productivity and quality improvement techniques advocated by STS work particularly well with geographically dispersed development and system test teams because the improvements are driven at the interfaces and independent of specific processes, frameworks, and life cycle methodologies (which may differ between core, internal groups and outsourced activities).